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Camillo Bona’s Spring/Summer 2018

Ineffable and mysterious, Camillo Bona’s Spring/Summer 2018 collection draws its inspiration from one of Italy’s most extraordinary film stars, symbol of a natural beauty and a complex, reticent, and reserved character:  Silvana Mangano. 

One of the greatest Italian actresses, a protagonist of the post-war history, she reached an international fame with her debut in the movies industry playing the role of the rice weeder in the film that was going to be one of the Italian Neorealism’s masterpieces, i.e., Riso Amaro, directed by Beppe De Santis in 1949.

 CamilloBona investigates the personality of this star who was depicted as a bitter beauty, both a rice weeder and an aristocrat, an Egyptian sculpture, an ineffable woman, a mysterious personage whose innermost feelings no one would get to know.

 The Muse becomes the inspiration and, like  in a movie, the actress life permeates every outfit of the collection in an uninterrupted narration.  The collection pays homage to the first star of Neorealism who has become a symbol thanks to the Italian film masterpieces she interpreted.

 We will admire large, confortable and rich skirts recalling the 50’s of the last century, linen and silk  blouses copied from Riso Amaro and Mambo images, and linen and organza robe manteaux resembling the transparencies and atmospheres shown in Morte a Venezia.  Movement and sensuality alternate in the opaque and shiny fabrics of the trousers decorated with vertical stripes, and appear also in the architectural overlapping and doubling of the fabrics that hide the gait. 

The collection is the result of the excellent handicraft work in the wake of the best Italian Haute Couture tradition produced according to Camillo Bona’s style which is characterized by the complex creations and applications, the refined embroidery work, and the marvellous tailoring production.  All his creations are hand made and sum up in a modern collection with a glimpse towards the past paying tribute to Elegance in a modern style. Jewel accessories are Aniello Galderisi’s oeuvres. 

P.R.&COMMUNICATION  Bianca Cimiotta Lami