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Caterina Moro SS20 collection

Childhood memories, still vivid in the memory, are the main inspiration for Caterina Moro SS20 collection. A house up in the mountains, a blue sky and the art of cutting paper together with her mother to make paper dolls. A simple and modest element like paper here becomes something else through fantasy, the most precious gift of human beings.

Therefore, the designer imagined to start modelling paper again and designed paper dresses using experimental working techniques that give back an intimate, refined and personal mood.

The pervinca colour is confirmed once again as the chromatic pin of the palette, along with neutral tones of white and beige, while the pleated elements are declined not only in denim but now also in leather, eco-friendly leather and cotton.

Going in the opposite direction from where the concept of young revolution was heading to in the 60’s, the Paper Dress signed by Catherine Moro, represents the couture of the new millennium defining a new poetry of the daily life.

Caterina Moro is not couture, it is not industry: it is a personal space between the two concepts, an independent and privileged vision of women’s clothing.



Maggio 26th, 2020

Cup Studio vi propone una selezione dedicata al re indiscusso di ogni stagione: che sia anni ’80, ’90, con applicazioni gioiello oppure classico, basta che sia denim! #weareback

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Maggio 25th, 2020

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Maggio 21st, 2020

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