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Fabiana Gabellini

Glamorous triad for Fabiana Gabellini

with the stunning supermodel Andreea Duma

Glamorous triad for Fabiana Gabellini

in Rome

with the stunning supermodel Andreea Duma

The splendor of the eternal city blends with the charm of the famous supermodel Andreea Duma and the wonderful Haute Couture creations by FabianaGabellini in the shooting by renowned photographer Fazio Gardini.The new FabianaGabellini collection, in fact, after being the protagonist on the catwalk at the International Fashion Roma event, was interpreted by Andreea Duma who, with her innate class, emphasized the great elegance of light and timeless creations. Dresses that draw inspiration from a dream world, suspended in time, which blend art, culture, history and from which shines a typically Italian bon ton style. In FabianaGabellini’s creations there is not only a great sartorial mastery but also the ability to reflect the personality of a woman and the society in which we live.Haute Couture as a symbol of absolute freedom of forms, of experimentation, of art to be worn as a rare privilege.Sober looks that FabianaGabellini always makes contemporary and original thanks to her inspiration: from the sheath dress to the short jacket, to the skirt with an asymmetrical cut in precious crushproof taffeta, to the pants skirt, to the short dresses with ruffles and to the long and tight gowns with sensual slits.A collection that reflects the polite femininity of the bon ton style and releases all its charm through a minimal-chic design, which takes shape in the attention to detail, in the use of precious fabrics and in the totally handmade processing.FabianaGabellini chooses the gorgeous Andreea Duma who becomes the protagonist of a contemporary fairy tale, a lady who loves to appear without excess wearing refined and harmonious outfits.The FabianaGabellini woman is a modern heroine, who challenges a thousand daily commitments with grace and lightheartedness, with the infinite beauty of an elegance strictly Made in Italy and each of her portraits is an elegy to the refined simplicity.

Ph. ©Fazio Gardini, Model Andreea Duma, Hair& MU Michele Spanò, Designer Fabiana Gabellini

Press: Francesca Fortini


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