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Laura Micheli Jewellery Collection 2020

„The Unexpected of Nature through Craftsmanship“

The beauty of imperfection is the leitmotif of Laura Micheli Jewellery Collection 2020. Laura Micheli believes that a jewel is not only beautiful when perfectly shaped and shiny, but also when it‘s the result of creative thoughts, when it tells a story of people or places, when it is handcrafted, “imperfect” and therefore unique. Laura likes to experiment with free and organic shapes and through creative errors which become elements to develop new ideas.
Laura Micheli Jewellery Collection 2020 is made of 3 series: „Arpa”, „Nodo” and „Arcadia”. Each jewel is handcrafted, either starting from a bar of clean metal rolled and shaped as needed through the traditional techniques of cutting, hammering, welding and finishing, or by modelling the piece in wax, casting it and finishing it. The use of high quality materials and craftsmanship, alongside the handmade production in Italy or by Laura in Zurich, are the core values of the brand.


Realized as a unique piece of metal folded tighter and looser, the pieces from the “Arpa” series wrap themselves gently around the finger or the ears. The softness of the rounded waved shape is in contrast with the weight of the piece itself. The pieces have been modelled in wax and casted through the lost wax casting technique. The finish is opaque on most of the pieces with the exception of the polished side lines of the waves.


The “Nodo” series celebrates the knot as a symbol of union. Made in silver or gold plated silver, this series is characterized by the knot in the form of a ring, bracelet, brooch or of a small pendant. The knot becomes a talisman that takes on the meaning given to it by whoever wears it.


The series “Arcadia” recalls the shapes of organically crafted ancient jewelry. The archaic, primitive shapes of rectangles, circles, or squares become the decorative elements of these pieces. The language of jewelry is organic and material, underlined by the engravings on the surface, which creates interesting light and color effects on the jewels.

Brand Overview
Laura Micheli is a jewellery brand based in Zurich and produced in Italy, which explores the union of beauty and emotions through craftsmanship. The fascination for the unexpected and organic architecture of Nature is translated into unique crafted pieces of contemporary design and jewelry.
Material Used:
– Silver 925
– 18k Goldplating
– 18k white / rose / yellow gold
– Handmade wax model casted in a laboratory in Milan
– Finishing / polishing realized by hand between Italy and Zurich


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