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Fashion Celebrity Moda DMG

Morfosis Imperfections Fall Winter 2017/2018 Collection

Imperfection, a narrative concept that fits into the story of not quite finished stories that need to feel  and be defiled: This is the basis of MORFOSIS Fall Winter 2017/18 by Alessandra Cappiello.

The imperfection and incompleteness hides the desire to continue, to move on, to find serenity in experience and in balance. This feeling prompts  MORFOSIS in outlining now eclectic women, whose will is expressed according to basic and refined inclinations, now more androgynous women moving within different scenarios and environments, pursuing their multifaceted aesthetic.

Blouses in chiffon or crepe cady with clean and dry lines, conversate with pants with a rock allure, embellished by lace raids and plumetille tulle; satin wool jackets with sleek silhouettes overlap the silky dresses or flared leather pants with a contemporary attitude in a feminine  metropolitan and sophisticated metissage.

The color palette summarizes the search for balance: brown and blue fade in turmeric and olive green, meeting the pink, burgundy and gray and finally resolving itself in black combinations as a constant typical of the brand.