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Valmont Barcelona Bridal Fashion – YUMI KATSURA

“The oak fought the wind and was broken, the willow bent when it must and survived.” ― Robert Jordan, “The Fires of Heaven”

“The flexibility and diversity of the “Ravishing & Resilient” bridal collection was inspired by the beauty of human resilience during this unprecedented time in history. Resilience matters now more than ever and can be described like a rubber band for its capacity to return to its original form after being stretched – this comparison is similar to our own ability to bounce back after challenging life events. The Yumi Katsura Fall 2021 Bridal Collection is a celebration of the ability to “Bounce back” while celebrating beauty, the strength, the diversity and the complexity of women. At Yumi Katsura believes in cultivating and inspiring resilience in the most ravishing way. Sultry and Sweet modern silhouettes are embellished with traditional Japanese symbols that pay homage to this ancient culture- from a modernized obi sash to the legend of the storied crane with inspire love, luck and longevity and the beauty and abundance of Sakura – all serving to bestow blessings on a marriage. These cultural motifs are prevalent in this season’s embroideries and laces creating visually mesmerizing textures with a classically romantic yet sophisticated and sensual feel. Tailored fabrications with hints of organic texture create figure-flattering silhouettes that enhance and exalt the natural beauty of a woman’s body.”

Paulette Cleghorn, Creative Director, Yumi Katsura Couture NYC



Gennaio 21st, 2021

IED ROMA DESIGN AWARDS 2020 I  VINCITORII migliori progetti sviluppati nella sede IED Roma nell’anno della pandemia Sono stati premiati gli otto progetti vincitori di IED ROMA DESIGN...

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Le parole per dirlo

Gennaio 19th, 2021

Conduce Noemi Gherrero  Con i professori Valeria Della Valle e Giuseppe Patota Noemi Gherrero prosegue con grande successo la sua conduzione nel programma della domenica di RaiTre “Le Parole ...

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MALO CASHMERE Lookbook PE 2021

Gennaio 19th, 2021

                                                                                               Collezione Uomo e Donna“La leggerezza nell’essere” Malo, marchio s...

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Gennaio 18th, 2021

Collezione Uomo e Donna“La leggerezza nell’essere” Malo, marchio storico del Made in Italy, presenta una propria lettura della stagione Primavera/Estate con una collezione 2021 ispir...

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