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WORLD of FASHION is back to celebrate its 21st edition in the beautiful halls of Palazzo Brancaccio in Rome at 7:30 p.m on 27 January. The event is included in the ALTAROMA official program.

On Sunday, 27 January, the magnificenthalls of Palazzo Brancaccio in Rome willhost WORLD of FASHION, an event by Nino Graziano Luca atits 21st edition. Showcasing designers from all over the world, the event’s 2019 editionwill feature the beautiful creations by amazingtalentssuchas, amongothers: Addy Van DenKrommenacker (the Netherlands); Azzurra Di Lorenzo (Italy); Giorgia Lingerie (Italy); Marcela De Cala (Spain); Marina Corazziari Gioielli (Italy); Rujji by Raja El Rayes(Libya).

WORLD of FASHION promotes new fashion talents and is a special event which many Italian and international journalist salong side with industry operators and the general public look forwardas one of the highlights of the ALTAROMA program of events

Over time WORLD of FASHION hasestablisheditselfas a truly international event featuring designers from over 26 countries – Egypt, Libya, Dubai, Qatar, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Jordan, Bahrain, Kuwait, Colombia, Paraguay, Argentina, Albania, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Thailand, South Africa, Tunisia, China, India, Palestine, Malta, Spain, the Netherlands and Italy.

WORLD of FASHION isamong the mostpopular events of the ALTA ROMA officialprogram with an average of fivehundredguestscrowding the halls of Palazzo Brancaccio to share the excitement of an event designed and organized by Nino Graziano Luca. Personalities from the world of culture, celebrities, ambassadors, journalists, buyers, entrepreneurs and members of the aristocracygather to attend a unique event whichmakes fashion a catalyst of customs, habits, traditions, and ideals.

WORLD of FASHION launches a message of hope: interculturaldialogueispossibleifwe use the language of fashion and, more generally, of the arts, “ said Nino Graziano Luca. A philosophy confirmed backstage: the perfect interaction between the designers in harmony with the atmosphere in the parterre.

Asiscustomary, the event alsoincludes the awarding of the WORLD of FASHION PRIZES to designers, institutions, and personalitiesthathaveworked for the promotion of fashion, art and ethical projects. The awards are works by Michele Affidato, the master goldsmith of the San Remo Song Festival.